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New Patient Reviews

Welcoming And Understanding

I am extremely pleased and happy to begin my treatment. Initially, I was extremely nervous and frightened to go inside, but once I was inside both doctors made me feel so welcomed. Each of the doctors were very welcoming and understanding. They both were willing to compensate to my financial needs to make sure that the treatment can be affordable. After attending the informative and educational group meeting, I am now very anxious to start my treatment process. Thank you again and I will continue sharing my experience with other people, because I want others to experience Dr. Wuebenn’s help as well. -Mallory F.

I Have Found My Lifelong Care Provider

I’ve never had a Chiropractor do such a thorough consultation with me and explained every aspect of the practice, and educated me on chiropractic care. I feel completely confident that I have found my lifelong care provider. -Loren B.

Better Quality Of Life

I have not had a bad experience with all my appointments and my wife and children! I’m quite pleased with the explanation of my road to a better quality of life and confident in Dr. Cater and her professional approach . With my continued exercises and the excellent treatment at Optimal I know that I’m on the right path. -Darryl F.